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Terms & Conditions

1. Intellectual Property and Copyright:

We will reserve all copyrights and ownership of any intellectual or tangible materials, source code, logos, or any other images created for our clients until the time of final payment. At this point all agreed upon ownership will transfer to the client.

2. Responsibilities of client concerning Copyright:
In cases where the client has provided images, animations of any kind, text, or logo for their project then they are legally held liable for confirming that this material does not infringe any Copyright of a third party. Not all images seen online can be used as public material and in most cases is owned by a company, even stock photography. It is up to the client to make sure if these materials are to be used that all uses have been approved and agreed by the owner.

3. Confines of Liability and Indemnification:
Neither party will be liable to the other for special, indirect or consequential damages incurred or suffered by the other as a result of or related to the performance of our work, whether in contract or otherwise, even if the other has been advised of the possibility of such loss or damages. Our liability under these conditions with respect to the work, regardless of cause or theory of recovery, will not exceed the total amount of fees paid by the client to us for the individual project.

4. Search Engine, Social Media, and Mobile Device Promotions:
We are not responsible by default for the upkeep or on-going promotion of the clients finished project. If this is a requirement or need of the Client a separate contract will be constructed to insure an agreeable timeline. We promise only perseverance to ensure that your webpage is represented successfully in search rankings through our unique and modern Strategies. However, search engines often update and modify their retrieval methods. You accept that we cannot be held accountable for future rankings or ratings under our contract.

5. Cancellation:
Should any Client wish to cancel a project during any stage of its development they will be held responsible for the work and efforts that have been invested and will be invoiced accordingly. Should a client cancel before any work has been done the contract must be consulted to see if any fees are to be upheld and paid.

6. Quotations:
All prices quoted to the client are for the work that is agreed upon within the contract. If the client decides after work has begun that new or different features are necessary, then we will add a rider to the contract quoting these new services. This addition will not negate the original contract merely insure that both parties agree with the acquisition of additional fees for the extra work that will need to be done.

7. Main contact and Third parties:
The primary contact for all matters concerning the contract should be stated specifically at the beginning of the contract. Additional charges may be added to cover out time if a third party is brought into the project after the initial agreement has been signed. If this additional party changes the direction or design originally agreed upon additional fees may be added.

8. Paying in Advance:
Our policy requires a deposit of 50% on all contracts. We will not being work on any project until this has been done and all contracts have been signed appropriately. Dependent on the size of the project we may require intermediate payments be made at key stages of our process, these provisional payments will be agreed on in advance and not random.

9. Terms of Payment
Currently our accepted forms of payment are via bank transfer, debit or credit on our online billing site, PayPal, or over the phone. Any remaining balance on a project must be paid in full before the contents can be put on any live server or externally hosted. We reserve the right to cancel any projects if payments are missed or denied.

10. Future Work
Upon going “live” it shows that the client has viewed and agreed with all working components of the Webpage. If there is anything unsatisfactory found later that was agreed upon in the contract it will be fixed. However, any new ideas or features will require a new contract.

11. Legal Compliance:
We design Web Pages and projects according to our client’s specifications and requirements. It is not the responsibility of our business to insure that the website or any other components of our projects comply with current laws and regulations. We are not responsible for any violations of regulations concerning accessibility, copyright, selling online, or specific business and trade laws.

12. Mobile Devices:
We Pride ourselves on being current and up to date on all mobile devices. We can only insure screen resolution on Current mobile operating systems. We cannot guarantee that our pages will function perfectly on new devices released after your project goes live.

13. Web Hosting:
If our client chooses to host their pages externally we are not responsible for any damages, loss of information, security breaches, back up policies, or performance issues. We have no responsibility or requirement to fix any loss of revenue or damage to the reputation due to the poor performance caused by external hosting.

14. Management:
TTe Marketing is under the Management of Bright Bridge Inc. E-marketing fees will be paid out to Bright Bridge Inc. 

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